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Chen Tai shoe born almost due. Before writing this book, I have repeatedly set foot on this unique land, wander, trying to find its origin and shoes. Before the trip, I had a guess, it might be with Nike - the world's first sporting goods company concerned. Long ago, I had heard of Nike has production plants in Putian, and later confirmed by local college students. Chendai how would with Nike on it? It is not far away in the United States, and the production facility is in another area away from the Quanzhou some distance, why and ChenDai associate athletic footwear industry? For a multinational industry started one region of China, often play a huge role in influence and the breeding, especially in manufacturing. In recent years, we can see that Li Bai, HOUDY, Arche, City Flower Show, LAF and other Japanese enterprises in Guangdong famous, but feel the rise of Guangdong daily chemical industry. In fact, they and this World Day of the giants - Procter & Gamble has some connection, in 1988, P & G set up in Guangzhou in China's first joint venture - Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. A few years ago, I worked in CONVERSE in Fuqing City, a core foundry office, I found that gradually developed around several canvas shoes (vulcanized shoes) manufacturing enterprises. Because, from foundries, outside investors can easily obtain manufacturing canvas shoes talent, technology. (Chen Shixin works) In fact similar phenomenon also fulfilled in the Chendai this "Chinese shoes are" of the town. Want to clarify the context of the Footwear Industry, trying to figure out its origin, I think is very important. Repeated data collection and inquiry, I found a windfall. late 70s of last century, the world's leading sporting goods manufacturer Nike Chen Tai, who set up a processing factory. Because overseas transport is very convenient in Quanzhou, near the port area of ??the factory settings, the use of Chinese labor cost advantage of production and processing, as used by most enterprises. However, by 1983, Nike's factory to a "condition" and eventually allowed to make a determined effort to move out of Quanzhou. There are two different ways: First, when there were a number of product quality problems, Nike decided to destroy the results was stolen workers, sale; second, stealing shoes imitation phenomenon occur frequently, but repeated. Ultimately, the Nike factory moved to Fujian Putian Xianyou area. In fact, later in Putian there have been many shoe companies, including Owen's Water brand, has become China's sports field of a Chinese famous brand. For these two arguments, I prefer the latter. There was a foreign trade businessmen Chendai a shoe factory owner said that science and technology is now so advanced, you can put the sample on the web, so foreign (corporate) there is a need, you can direct orders. However, he said firmly, so no. He explained that to go onto the Internet, then after two or three days, the shoe may be present in the house next door to the shoe factory. Last year, I had contact with a large shoe (sole) companies, CEOs admitted that many products are imitation, but the "imitation" seems to be one of their very taboo words, they are used to or like to use "draw" the word to do instead. In fact, even today, Jinjiang footwear plagiarism imitation phenomenon is still very serious, and some imitation Nike, Adidas, and some imitation in domestic prestigious local brands, and even produced a large number of counterfeit products. ("Anta, and never stop," Chen Shixin) counterfeiting seems to be a silent pain of the Footwear Industry. So, Nike absolutely must be removed, but in any case, it gives the athletic footwear industry ChenDai sown cheap air jordans online a seed of hope. History tends to have such an amazing coincidence, Nike never imagined, twenty years later, it had sowed these seeds grow up sneakers enterprise, fully learn its mode, fast growing, and there are several to become its strong competitors in the Chinese market, such as Anta, Xtep. Optimistic person said Nike's approach is in fact no intention to help themselves develop the market, consumers choose these domestic brands, eventually with the upgrading of consumption power, and slowly close the Nike. In fact, these grew up in Jinjiang sports brand, it is a price advantage eroded Nike, Adidas and other international big market, and firmly occupy the domestic market in the end sneakers. In 1999, led by the Anta, here we set off a wave of strong, impulsive, crazy "build brand campaign." The rise Chendai shoe declared to the world, they do not want and will not only serve as a manufacturing plant, they desire with their own brand; it may also be a further ten twenty years later, they must be declared again, they We look forward to have a market of high-end brands, and even lead the market. Has a world-class brand, is one of many sporting goods company in Jinjiang leader's dream, it would strongly encourage them to never stop. Chendai Because Nike's "seeding", with a number of shoe-making technology workers, many of whom are locals. Most said that they later come out their own factories. The world's leading sporting goods companies, so inadvertently put Nike advanced technology and strict production norms, orderly management experience to these workers. Rich overseas relations, so that these people get easily footwear OEM orders and initial capital to set up factories overseas OEM Chen Tai shoe springing up, have emerged. It is this overseas foundry, so that they get the original accumulation of capital in all aspects, production technology, plant management, ten years later, they were able to create a well-known independent brand, and this opportunity is inseparable . This is the origin of Chen Tai shoe flourished. In fact, Chen Tai shoe on the origin, there is another argument. 1979 March Chendai Yang Tai Village, Jinjiang City, the villagers in the forest soil in autumn invited 14 friends and relatives far away in Hong Kong, the Philippines, each contributed $ 2000, opened a "foreign Tai clothing and shoes Factory. " In the era of the product is very scarce, they get a huge profit, many people began Chendai to follow suit, to follow up. Thus, forest soil in autumn in the local enjoy a "Jinjiang footwear first person" reputation, shortly thereafter, Yang Tai throughout the workshop came the tinkling sound of the shoe, and slowly to the nearby stream, four territory, Jiang top village spread. Followed by Chen Tai-centric, footwear and gradually spread to the pool shop, Anhai, and other towns within the pit, Jinjiang footwear thus underway. Maybe Nike and Mr. Lin Tuqiu were here planted the seeds of hope, the achievements of today's "Chinese shoes."Puma has launched a brand new color scheme for its evoTOUCH Pro - ", Orange, Clown, Fish". Use the dark orange color that matches the summer breath to ignite the passion of summer sports. The kangaroo leather shoes with fabric. From the name we can see that this is a strong tactile experience of shoes, love friends do not miss this. According to shoe sale now. St ssy X "032C" joint series officially on sale recently, the joint from the inspiration from the 1902 Rainer Maria Rilke "The Panther" creation, will be one of the classic poem by St ssy; best graffiti style redesign, the joint long sleeved T-shirt has now landed in designated shops, priced at 79 euros.'s external market is relatively wea Cheap foamposites for sale k, but in recent years domestic sales have been brisk. According to statistics, in 2010, China's footwear sales amounted to 27-30 million pairs, more than two pairs per person per year levels of shoes, accounting for about 15% of the world's footwear consumer market, ranked second. Italy is the middle and high-end shoe manufacturing center in the world. Massimo Donda said that the strong growth of the Chinese market shows the great potential of the market, and many famous international brands in Italy will focus on developing the Chinese market in the future. as one of the three Dongguan "to upgrade the industrial structure adjustment and transformation of advanced enterprises, Qi Sheng Dongguan Shoe Co., vigorously develop the domestic market experience is worth learning, they go to a pair of shoes from the OEM price 1800 yuan, successfully enter the domestic footwear market. Yin Jiqi, head of the company, told reporters that as early as 1997, he ended the original foundry, opened a new factory, specializing in domestic sales. The beginning is very difficult, but the company has poured money into research and development, loneliness. In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee issued an order for 2000 pairs of leather shoes, which greatly improved the brand awareness of the enterprise. In the same year, the financial crisis caused many export OEM shoe factories to close down. Yin Jiqi told reporters that he was lucky to have taken one step ahead of schedule. it is understood that, at present, Qi Sheng has more than 100 professional development and design staff, the development of new shoes each year up to 3000 models. From 2002 to 2010, Qi Sheng sold only 60 pairs of shoes from a month, more than 10 thousand pairs of monthly sales, and has more than 1/3 of the country's capital and first tier cities opened more than 180 stores. As a result of domestic sales on the pricing power, you can raise prices to digest the rising costs, and now some basic shoes money from 1500 yuan rose to about 1800 yuan. Qi Sheng's success is not an individual case. Even if the overall industry is not very prosperous, Hua Jian's profit is still 2-3 percentage points higher than that of its peers. Hua Jian shoes chairman Zhang Huarong also told reporters, is to extend the industrial chain, open up the domestic market, help them stand erect. it is understood that in 2005, Hua Jian began to adjust the market strategy, gradually from a single international brand OEM to brand foundry and self brand management combined direction. The Chinese firm has invested more than 4000 yuan, the introduction of the "Jackie Chan" brand, the acquisition of "Carver" brand, "COLCO" brand, has in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou city opened a store and counters more than 200. Su Chaoying pointed out that "12th Five-Year" will be the best opportunity for the development of China's shoe-making industry, especially in the domestic market, enterprises should seize the opportunity to vigorously explore. (Editor: afnhk)Kevin Durant daily travel and in particular to create KD 8 NSW Lifestyle recently once again usher in a new design, the toe by black color, and then by the blue decoration, central to the metal silver line as a transition, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 749637-400Price: kd-8-lifestyle-nsw-black-royal-02.jpg (181.22 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 8 NSW Lifestyle Royal 2015-10-8 20:41 upload kd-8-lifestyle-nsw-black-royal-03.jpg (238.21 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 8 NSW Lifestyle Royal 2015-10-8 20:41 upload kd-8-lifestyle-nsw-black-royal-01.jpg (228.81 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 8 NSW Lif cheap jordans estyle Royal 2015-10-8 20:41 upload kd-8-lifestyle-nsw-black-royal-04.jpg (165.65 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 8 NSW Lifestyle Royal 2015-10-8 20:41 upload kd-8-lifestyle-nsw-black-royal-05.jpg (90.73 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 8 NSW Lifestyle Royal 2015-10-8 20:41 Jordan Nike, upload, style, retro, metal 00[Chinese shoes Network] continued downturn in economic consumption, the world's largest sports shoe manufacturer Nike (Nike) announced that it would cease to three factories in China and one in Vietnam factory orders, the main reason is that with the global Nike supply chain integration and reduce costs, although Nike stressed that China will continue to be its largest production base, but continued to streamline the supply chain has among its plans. For many Chinese processing trade firms, they once again encounter a bottleneck foundry model. On the other hand, China remains a strategic market for many foreign companies. In other sectors of clothing, footwear outside, China's consumption potential is increasingly optimistic about the foreign companies, notably under the global financial crisis by the latter as a "last straw." Nike winter to reduce the number of outsourcing factory March 25, the world's largest sports shoe manufacturer Nike (Nike) announced that to simplify the supply chain, will be terminated and partnerships in Asia four sneakers foundries within the next six months to a year. This 4 Nike foundries in three in China, one in Vietnam. It is worth noting that Nike is the main these four plants, or even the only customer, the latter by way of a contract to provide products for Nike shoes. "We have informed these four companies will be phased out under orders, to give them six months to a year to find a new buyer." Nike spokesman Dobson (Erin Dobson) President, said: "This is our since 2007 Expand the part of the supply chain integration program. "Dobson stressed that it will continue to simplify the supply chain. In addition, Nike announced that it will stop some of the costumes foundry orders. Dobson said: "We can not be this wave of global recession spared, thus speeding up the progress of the integration of the supply chain." Nike will change the strategy of broad orders, the future will focus on a small number of manufacturers in order to save expenditure. Currently there are around 640 Nike clothing, footwear and other foundries, including 72 major production of sports shoes, these plants a total of about 800,000 employees. Nike in China, about 180 foundries, employing more than 200,000 employees, most of the flow of migrant workers low wages. China is Nike's largest athletic footwear, apparel and equipment procurement country. Other foundries spread in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea and other countries. Vietnamese media also reported that on March 23, Nike may be reduced this year to Vietnam foundry orders, the company in Vietnam has more than 50 foundries. Compared to other consumer products makers, Nike less susceptible to recession affected, but the most recent quarter the company also faces declining sales, especially from the European market. Nike announced the restructuring plan in January, in order to save costs and make products to market faster, and warnings may lay off 4%. do 13 years on behalf of the factory was "abandoned" Nike cease cooperation with OEM manufacturers in Asia 4, following the largest order of Nike sneakers Pou and Winterthur second largest group on the 25th emphasize not on the list, will not be affected, and the sneakers also no reduction in orders . Pou 25 shares closed 19.05 yuan, up 0.25 yuan; Winterthur income 18.7 yuan, up 0.35 yu cheap foamposites an. However, Winterthur acknowledged that the company contracted Nike sports shoe factory in Taicang, Jiangsu, China, Nike to streamline the organization, also decided to close this establishment for 13 years and is the only company with ownership of sports shoe factory. Nike China spokesman Zhu nearly Qian has confirmed: "Nike plans in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, is transferred from Winterthur Group Management Winterthur footwear manufacturing operations to other plants located in Asia, and has shut down its sole shoes class production facilities in Taicang plant. " The Nike Taicang plant closing is part of Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Company, managed by Taiwan before the Winterthur Group. Public information, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Company in 1996 formally established a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, registered in China, with manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, Taicang unit, subject to the Nike Suzhou on business. Winterthur associate and spokesman Chen Liqin said Nike sports shoe factory in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, has been leased by the Winterthur business, to produce more than a dozen ten thousand pairs of Nike sneakers. After closing factories, Winterthur Nike sports shoe factory in Fujian and new capacity in Vietnam, may come in handy, Winterthur Group orders will not be affected. shoe industry, said Nike sneakers contract foundries worldwide reached more than 100, including Baocheng, Winterthur, Lu Qing, Guang Rong Taiwan; Korean businessmen have T2, Sanyo, etc. These foundries spread Asia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places. Nike India's first foundry for the establishment by the Winterthur last August Zhengshiliangchan Nike sneakers, the first phase of production is expected in full within two years out, can produce up to 500,000 pairs or more. Currently Winterthur Nike sports shoe factory in mainland China, concentrated in Fujian Province, a total of XIEFENG, many Lai Feng, Mitutoyo and other production plants, and has a mold factory, mainly produces high Price Nike sports shoes. In addition, the industrial zone in Vietnam Xuan Loc new amplification shoe factory, plans to set up 16 production lines. Nike Pou Chen Group is the largest supplier of sports shoes, Nike is currently not received notice to stop orders. Pou Chen Fang associate and spokesman of the United States say for sure: "We (Pou) nor (sneakers) reduced orders phenomenon." Dobson said that Nike will focus on the future by a few manufacturers, in order to save money. However, Nike stressed that China will continue to be the Nike sports shoes, clothing, accessories largest manufacturing supplier. In this regard, Chen Fang said the United States, the economic environment is dynamic, expanding production capacity can be fast or slow, and the time, Pou will do the best preparation. Anti-core foundries will benefit economic downturn, high-priced brand-name sports shoes, clothing decline in consumer demand, resulting in a series of austerity Nike to take a big movement, and to reduce the number of foundries, streamline costs and supply chain, but the core of the plant on behalf of Nike, which may Pou and Winterthur It will benefit. Baocheng, on behalf of Winterthur is Nike's main factories, two of the industry supply Nike shoes accounted for the total number of nearly forty percent. Nike boom in the past face a severe recession and the decline in performance, have already adopted a "survival of the fittest" strategy, Nike announced streamlining of the supply chain and stop the supply part on behalf of the factory orders, the two industry believe that is possible to obtain more turn single. treasure pairs of Nike, Adidas and other brand customers have set up dedicated production lines, research and development centers, production bases and dispersed, sports shoe production dominate the world, it is the largest supplier of Nike sneakers. Winterthur only focus on the Nike brand sports shoes in China, Vietnam and Indonesia set up exclusive sports shoe factory, but with Nike global distribution, to establish India's first exclusive sports shoe is Nike, Nike is certainly obtain, and promised give orders support. China's processing trade enterprises that do not change die For chasing low-cost, low-cost labor of brand enterprises, the transfer of production is not new. Under the background of the economic crisis, this trend accelerated, for many Chinese enterprises engaged in processing trade is an increasingly serious challenge. Market participants pointed out that in the context of the global downturn in consumer spending, global manufacturers have closed opened production plants in Asia, carried out layoffs, reduced orders and other actions, which makes long been a manufacturing base for Western markets Asian countries have been hit hard. The Nike scored a single large, mainly is because the sharp decline in global consumer demand, forcing Nike had to cut production, and further integration of the supply chain. Winterthur spokesman has said publicly that 2 percent appreciation against the dollar, companies can also adjust over. If you continue to appreciate, some of China's long-term order will be other areas, such as Vietnam, Indonesia replaced, this will become a trend. Starting in 2005, holds 5.5% of Nike production of Winterthur Group put a lot of Chinese orders to Vietnam, while large-scale expansion in Vietnam, four processing plant production line, but also to invest $ 16 million to build a new factory in Vietnam. In 2005, the world's largest OEM Nike Pou Chen Group factory production in Vietnam can also rapidly increasing. In the ensuing years, Winterthur and Pou have increased investment in Vietnam. Although Vietnam, India and other countries, can completely replace China "manufacturing plant" status remains to be proven, but many Chinese processing trade enterprises in the increasingly severe external environment, had to accelerate to adjust their positioning and survival mode. China from the production base to become the consumer market While Nike continues to shift in China's production, but the huge Chinese consumer market had to let Nike "concern." Nike March 18 announced fiscal 2009 third quarter report shows that Nike quarter sales revenue of $ 4.4 billion, down 2%. Asia Pacific sales grew 8% to $ 806 million. About the transfer of production of sporting goods giant has been concerned about the news, but whether it is Nike or Adidas, are struggling to stand - "The Chinese market is very important", "important position in China still produced." Important Chinese consumer market, has not only Nike, Adidas's production base, to a greater extent, China is their strategic market, because they do not want any "relocation" of the news brand. It is undeniable that, Nike, Adidas in China are indeed facing pressure of rising costs, for which they are in the "proportion of China's production capacity will be gradually reduced," but "absolute production value growth . 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