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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] America's second-largest sports brand Under Armour Inc. in the first quarter net profit fell 13.4%, total profit to maintain double-digit growth. The company also raised its full-year net income is expected to $ 3.78 billion, less than market expectations of $ 3.82 billion, leading shares fell about 2.9 percent in premarket trading. reported a first quarter ended March 31, 2015 in, Under Armour from $ 13.5 million net profit last year fell to $ 11.7 million, and diluted earnings per share fell to $ 0.05 from $ 0.06. Share price performance in the first quarter is consistent with analysts' forecasts. Net income rose 25.5% to $ 804.9 million, in fiscal year 2014 compared to $ 641.6 million. In February, brand acquisitions Endomondo and MyFitnessPal, co-founder of the fitness community, so that the first quarter profit of $ 8.4 million, compared to $ 4,000,000 over the same period last year, more than twice. At constant exchange rates, profit growth of 27.1%. Kevin Plank, Chairman and CEO, commented, "Since February, fitness Communities amounted to 10 million registered users, the current total registered users exceeded 130 million. We have already opened in Chicago's Magnificent Mile a 300,000 square feet of stores; at the same time, Brazil and the first store in the Middle East has also been open, which are for global sales growth of 74% contributed to the " clothing sales in the first quarter rose 20.9%, reaching $ 555.5 million; footwear turnover rose 41.1% to $ 161 million. License revenue growth of 32.2 percent, reaching $ 16.9 million. contrast Nike's earnings, up to three months to November 2014, Nike net income increased 23 percent to $ 655 million, reflectin cheap air jordans g strong overall revenue growth rate and gross margin expansion. Total revenue increased 15% to $ 7.4 billion. Nike brand sales rose 17 percent to $ 7 billion, in addition to golf categories of products, all types of products Jieyou growth. By existing direct distribution market is growing, as well as European and Asian markets, driven by the conversion, Converse total revenue increased 24% to $ 434 million. However, Nike revealed its major markets of Western Europe, although future orders will grow by 13%, but 15% lower than originally expected. Last year, eight months ago, Under Armour sales grew 20% to reach $ 1.2 billion, for the first time exceeded Adidas (sales of $ 1.1 billion, compared with last year fell by 23%), becoming the second US sales of sports brand. $ 1.2 billion in sales figures, although far less than the $ 8.9 billion the same period of Nike, Under Armour shares but the growth rate over the past three years, but it is twice as Nike. Even in the S & P 500 stocks, as of last August, the best-performing stocks in 40, Under Armour also with 57.85 percent gain in third place, the performance of the consumer goods industry to become the most attractive stocks. However, Chinese sports brand Under Armour consumer awareness is still very limited. Sales of Nike and Adidas global layout, Under Armour's than highly dependent on the US market. Currently, 94.1% of its revenue comes from the North American market. Expand the international market, the pace of the company can be described as slow. In China, until April 2011, Under Armour was in the Grand Gateway Plaza, opened its first store in China. Up to now, its stores in China, only 18 of these stores have opened in the basic tier cities in China? Commercial landmarks. Accor jordans on sale online ding to US media, the latest news, Under Armour has announced it will enter the women's clothing market outside sportswear. And this market is the most valued market rival Nike. It is worth mentioning that after a series of Nike marketing, continued overweight in female consumers, the company recently launched against this group the largest ever promotional activities. Nike seems to never let a rising star easily shake their dominant position. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Bao Manning shoes)The HOH limited edition color fresh, sole engraved with the words "AU-79/08", to commemorate Cameron as a member of the American basketball team won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics feat (AU-79 is the Won Kim periodic table of elements on the atomic number), and close to the medial ankle shoes on the edge of the visible blue yellow jersey Cameron "15". Anthony's firepower is strong this season, and the Nuggets are still strong, and there is reason to believe that M6 is better than his predecessor. and the upcoming Nike SB skateboarding enthusiasts, and always runs through the Nike classic and innovation in one of the shoes, Nike SB for the development direction. After 9 years of hard work, Nike SB will continue to inspire the skaters and enthusiasts, and continue to support development of.Nike SB 2010 Dingli skateboarding autumn will launch the famous skaters P-Rod series of products, including so many skateboarders and looking forward to the attention of the Nike Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4, which will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the season Nike SB. In addition, Nike SB will also be launched with Dunk, Blazer these classic shoes for the prototype of the latest jordan shoes online sale single products and Nike SB signed its signature, skateboard shoes, the latest color matching. P-Rod 2.5 is the first pair of vulcanized skateboard shoes in the Paul Rodriguez signature series. 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Skateboard brand vans earlier on the "Year of the Horse" this concept, with its classic logo Sk8-Hi as a model version of the hair, bring this unique series. The series consists of red, blue, pink and black four color limite jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black d edition, all above the high cylinder profile, using high quality suede shoes to create a set of artificial horsehair, followed by implantation in brown leather to create texture contrast, the "horse" pattern is placed on the tongue and insole which is highlighted, then Brown laces and signature collocation white bottom show type. Vans this horse don't note series has started in the domestic sale in December 20th, a limited version of the black will be landing in January 1st, other designated overseas stores, priced at about $115, equivalent to about 860 yuan. yesterday, a news about our end of the year AJ 4 &, 11 re listing and price increases, attracted many people's attention. 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Transparent design combined full palm Max Air air cushioning unit combined with the flexibility of optimization, provide strong support; the bottom groove with jordans on sale mens waffle shading other durability enhancement. The new Nike Air Max 2015 will become the best partner to enjoy the ultimate experience of running, the end of November a comprehensive listing, we look forward to. from New York are the day before KITH Timberland together again launched the "Hazel Highway" by the new series of boots. This time with Timberland its classic "Field Boot 6 and Tall GTX two type of shoes is modeled with retro shape as the theme to create high-quality leather shoes, collocation suede details spliced, and with a good waterproof capability, and anti fatigue technology Vibram soles for wearing in the process of bringing good comfort, whether outdoor or daily, can easily deal with. It is reported that this series will be back in September 3rd, KITH online shop and the door shop, the price of $225 and $250, respectively, interested friends must not miss.Germany's Berlin brand INAN came to the streets of New York, in order to Manhattan as the background, shooting the latest fall and winter series lookbook. In order to cater to the classic American street culture, this time to gray, pink T-shirt and Hoodie as the main product, with black stripes, and "double n" logo as a design details with black shorts, unique season outfit is impressive. Source: INAN from the reform by now just two years, the RMB exchange rate appreciation careened breath nearly 7.5%, and heard in full swing. The appreciation of the renminbi has become the "black hole" of the labor-intensive export enterprises". Compared with other products, footwear products accounted for a bridgehead position in light industry exports, foreign dependence is very high, as in the light industry export champion, footwear enterprises more representative in the appreciation of the renminbi on the question of attitude. According to China Customs statistics, in 2006 the first 11 months, China's total exports of footwear products was 19 billion 80 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 14.8%, an increase of 12 percentage points lower than the same period last year. Over the same period, China exported 6 billion 970 million pairs of shoes, an increase of 11%, an increase of 7 percentage points. in the wave of RMB appreciation, for footwear export enterprises is obviously the most dark moment, Chinese footwear export enterprises ability to resist risks? How can China's footwear industry go out? How to realize the sustainable development of export? This may be an important subject for all foreign export enterprises. RMB appreciation; accelerate " " after the collapse of the interlocking Bretton Woods system, a "stable" world disappeared. Between money and money are going to become more and more unpredictable, in the manufacture of the derivatives market also emerge in an endless stream to risk be clever and sensible seize the opportune moment, each open economy increase. This is a charming, adventure, international political thought, but it is difficult to deviate from the business logic of the currency of the world, the exchange rate is a realistic subject to export dependent economies unavoidable. for China, the exchange rate is an extremely special subject. During the period of the Asian financial crisis, China declared that the RMB was not depreciated, and established a responsible big country image with a fixed exchange rate system. Time shift due to the economic environment, brought about by the rapid growth of productivity, with low cost in the global industry chain gradually formed the "manufacturing center" status, but also due to the attraction of foreign investment, encourage the export policy, the current account and the capital financial accounts of the "double surplus" is being brought Chinese industrialization the Everfount appreciation pressure. At the same time, due to the control of high degree of capital account, the central bank under fixed exchange rate system continuously through the hedge to ease the "passive monetary base Waihuizhankuan" brought on, the independence of monetary policy is subject to certain constraints, July 21, 2005 in this context, Chinese started the reform, in a gradual and controlled, independent attitude to embrace world of floating exchange rates, while the steady appreciation. the process is difficult) last year Anta sold nearly forty million pairs of shoes, Wuqianyuwan dress, split up, each of the fifteen Chinese has a Anta product. Huge store clusters support such figures. "This year, Anta plans to Anta stores, children's sports lifestyle series stores and shops were widened to 8200, five hundred and one thousand, plus the music store is expected to end will be increased to three hundred, the number of store Anta sports's various brands will have the opportunity to break a million." Ding Shizhong, chairman and CEO of Anta's board of directors, said. That is to say, Anta will enter the "era of shops". channel construction into sports shoes enterprises profit growth point not only is Anta, with the Fujian sports shoes enterprises 361 performance is also good, the company during the first half of 2011 the total number of stores will reach 7263, the Future Ltd will maintain its pace of expansion each year six hundred to eight hundred stores, shop from the current situation, the company believes that the target at the end of the year reach. In addition, the company's management also plans to open three hundred children's clothing stores every year, and plans to 2012 sales of children's clothing rose to 10%. See from the above data show that by the end of 2011, a total of eight thousand 361 breakthrough is not a problem. followed by many domestic first-line sports brand, Lining, PEAK and other brands, guirenniao early established shops plan, plan three to four years will be expanded to 10000 the number of stores. channel construction is becoming the focus of the future expansion of sports shoes enterprises. The number of sporting goods companies hundreds of thousands of stores that do as the reference, the number of stores in the future there is still great room for growth, "the next three years, the rapid expansion of their sales revenue and profit growth is still mainly from the channel." who gets closer to the consumer, who gets more value. "More and more pure wholesale circulation is low, the front end value is rigid cost manufacturers rose cut back value brand manufacturers or retailers gradually segmentation, enterprise profit margin is more and more low, so the start of development to the retail terminal, investment expert Cao Yitang served as the strategy in the Motom, Smith Barney and other company also said," the control store resources, improve the profit rate." expansion; risk; shop needs caution; the consequences of blind expansion are excessive burning, unrealistic storefronts and frenzied advertising campaigns that increase operating costs and make them indebted." Brand strategy expert Li Guangdou said. retail chains must keep enough